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We maintain there is no better point of reference than the the Care Quality Commission (CQC) as they work in the best interests of both service users and residents. CQC want the Salisbury public to know which care services are safe, effective and responsive.

When people are searching the Internet on behalf of a family member for residential homes in the Salisbury area most people's first choice of search phrase is salisbury care homes, this is closely followed by salisbury nursing homes. However because of the alarming increase of dementia cases in recent times the 3rd most popular search phrase is salisbury dementia homes. The least popular choice nowadays is salisbury residential homes. Finally, as more people notice the good work done by the Care Quality Commission the salisbury cqc good rating care homes search phrase is very much on the increase.


Salisbury Area Map

To move the map place cursor on the map, hold down the left button and move mouse at the same time. The markers point to the location of the charity registered care homes located within a 15 mile radius of Salisbury. To view the area around a particular salisbury facility click on the little orange man in the bottom right hand corner and holding the mouse button down drag it to the blue line nearest your chosen marker then release the button and you will then be afforded a street view of the local vicinity.

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For those visitors that are unfamiliar with our area we have provided the following information to help them with their travel arrangements. If you are travelling by British Rail click here salisbury train station. Nearby bus services can be obtained by clicking here salisbury bus timetable, and taxi services can be located by clicking here salisbury taxi services. We wish you a safe journey.

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